Deborah Yoon is a self taught multidisciplinary artist, who considers both New York (spiritual) and San Francisco Bay Area (physical, heart) home. She works primarily with paper, ink, sumi-e, paint, #11 xactos, and has experimented with steel metalwork. Movement, nature, and the ephemeral are themes that are often woven throughout her intricate, manically detailed art work -- reflections on how the nature of all things is impermanence and what that looks like. Deborah has received a Bachelors of Fine Arts and Art History at New York University.

Deborah is available for commissions and open to hear interesting proposals for collaboration from people of the world.

Contact: d (at)

instagram + twitter (tends to be more political). 

Upcoming:  watch this space

August 2013 - The Future Is Now, group show at High Line Loft
June 2012-2013 - mural for Welling Court Mural Project, Queens, NYC
May 2013 -- Floodlight, solo exhibition at Devotion Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
April 2013 -- Hacked Organics at Langton Labs:  San Francisco, CA
November 2010 — Til’ Death Do Us Apart, group show at Gallery Heist, San Francisco, CA
Dec 2009 — Phosphene, group show at Zakka Art + Design, Brooklyn, NY
June - October 2009 — HiveMind, season-long sculpture installed at Governors Island, New York City.
Recipient of 2009 Oscar M. Ruebhausen Commission from the Greenwall Foundation
Spring 2006 — Pool Art Fair with Kylin O’Brien, Chelsea Hotel, New York City