The purpose of the HiveMind is to educate and inspire more public focus on the honeybee. Charles Darwin had described the honeycomb as a masterpiece of engineering that is “absolutely perfect in economizing labor and wax.” The Honeybee has been a cherished symbol throughout history.  Bee symbolism is pervasive in not only as an ideal structure of societal organization, but as an emblem of industry, cooperation, and mutual aid.

HiveMind was installed on Governors Island, New York City for ‘City of Dreams’, a Season-Long Sculpture Garden that runs from mid June to October 2009.  The Sculpture Garden was open to the public in conjunction with Figment, an annual arts event on Governors Island.

This work is a recipient of the 2009 Oscar M. Ruebhausen Commission from the Greenwall Foundation

Specs: 18" tall, steel, acrylic windows. 

A timelapse video of clouds through the lattices of HiveMind (Governors Island, NYC 2009)

A violinist within the HiveMind during FIGMENT NYC 2009