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I have decided to start a blog

13 February 2018 - around mid-day
Music: 'The Standoffish Cat' by Mrs. Jynx

So welcome! The dog featured in this photo is a corgi/husky mix. I somehow feel that the mix would have an inherent sense of being at odds with each other, at the DNA level.  Behold, his raccoon tail.  

It is 2018. I find myself residing in Oakland and working in SF. This past year, a lot of my mental/emotional energy has been tied up with the political/human madness of this weird country.  Honestly, I've come to decide that all countries are weird. Zooming out, the way humanity self-organizes must be fascinating to observe from a distance.  

Anyways, I'm inspired to get a number of projects + works rolling. I have an ig account, but I plan on making this page a bit more expansive, shall we say, in a style that I like to call, 'the jazz approach'.  I shall endeavor to be diligent in updating this space on a somewhat regular basis. 

Thanks for stopping by.